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 For Your Information

One of the most common complaints we handle is dogs running loose.  May people misunderstand our duties regarding this problem.

The fastest way to handle a stray dog or cat in your yard is to bring it in to the shelter.  (US31 & 13th Road south of Plymouth, IN)

If you cannot do this, call us with the name and address of the owner, and an exact description of the pet.  We will attempt to contact the owner to explain the problem to them, so the owner can take steps to confine the pet to its own home.

You can help by confining the pet in a garage or shed, or inside a fenced area, so we can pick it up during business hours.  Hint: Throw a scrap of meat inside, then close the door when the animal goes in to retrieve it.

What we cannot do:

We cannot pick up pets from their own property.  Many people think that if they complain about a neighbor's pet, we can just go remove it.  There is a state law specifically forbidding this.  To pick up a pet from its own property, we must have a court order.  Getting a court order is difficult and time consuming.

We cannot write tickets.  We are not law enforcement.  We can talk to the owner and give them a copy of the state statute or local ordinance.

We cannot sit at one address and wait for the pet to stray off its property.  We have several complaints each day, over 900 road miles to cover with one vehicle to do this in.  We employ only two full time employees.  These same employees clean kennels, go on animal control calls, have to be at the shelter for returning lost pets to owners, walk-in business, record keeping, answering the phone, walk-in adoptions, receiving incoming animals, etc.  These employees are also "on call" each evening, and on weekends and holidays.  They simply cannot be everywhere all the time.


So please, if you really want relief from a stray, be proactive!   Bring it in!


Many thanks to those citizens who have gone out of their way to help us by making a trip to the shelter with strays.  We appreciate your assistance and understanding.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated."

- Ghandi -