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Adoption Policies
and Procedures

Our adoption policies were designed to help prevent animal suffering. Policies are based on experience of Humane Societies across the country. We do not feel the animals  should be placed in just any home. Only by adhering to these policies can we be sure of the quality of the homes in question. Applicants for adoption must demonstrate a humane attitude and be willing and able to humanely provide for the animal for its entire natural life span.

We try to place only healthy animals having a good disposition.

We do not:
A. Release animals for research
B. Permit the adoption of animals as gifts for someone else
C. Place dogs for the sole purpose of hunting
D. Place dogs for the sole purpose of security
E. Place cats for the sole purpose of mousing or barn cats
F. Permit the adoption of animals to minors

We require:
A. That all animals be spayed or neutered
B. Written permission from landlords
C. Proper facilities before placement
D. That all animals receive proper veterinary care
E. Strict adherence to all laws and ordinances, including licensing laws
F. That all adults residing in the home be aware of the responsibilities of pet ownership before placement

Some animals will require a fenced yard based on previous experience and the particular circumstances.

We discourage the placing of kittens and puppies into homes having small children unless we are completely satisfied that responsible adults will assure the safety of the child and the pet and the proper education of the children in humane animal treatment.


If, for any reason, the animal must be given up, please consult the shelter for help in rehoming it. 

We recommend proper identification be kept on all pets.

We discourage out of county adoptions.

Shelter Hours and Location

10:00 AM -12:00 Noon and 1:00 PM -4:00 PM  Monday-Friday

10:00 AM -12:00 Noon  Saturday

Closed Sunday

South of Plymouth Indiana,  Corner of Highway 31  and 13th Road


1. Prospective adopters are given an Adoption Application to complete.
2. A copy of our adoption procedures is given to and discussed with the prospective adopter.
3. The application is reviewed with prospective adopters to determine if the approval of the adoption is in the best interests of both the pet and the prospective owner(s).
4. Prospective adopters are shown the available adoption animals.
5. Every adoption application will take at least twenty four hours to review and approve.  We reserve the right to refuse any adoption application.
6. If preliminary approval is obtained, the prospective adopter (family) will be notified.
7. Prospective adopters are allowed time to get acquainted with the animal they select.

8. The shelter director will answer any questions they may have at this time.

9. The adopter signs the Adoption Agreement, Spay/Neuter Agreement, and pays the adoption fee.

10. Adopter is encouraged to call us if they have any problems or questions.
11. Within 72 hours of taking the animal home, the adopter is required to take the animal to a participating veterinarian for a health checkup.   At this time, annual shots and other recommended vaccinations should be discussed with the veterinarian.   If necessary, an appointment should be made to have the animal spayed or neutered.   The adopter should present their copy of the adoption agreement to the veterinarian at this time, which will entitle the adopter to a discount price for the spay/neuter surgery, if the chosen veterinarian participates in the MCHS spay/neuter program.   The adopter will be responsible for paying the discounted surgery fee, as well as all other veterinarian charges, directly to the veterinarian.
12.  If the adopter returns the spay/neuter rebate form, complete with a paid invoice showing the adopted animal was spayed or neutered, the adopter will be given a $10 rebate by MCHS (allow at least 3 weeks from submission of rebate and proof of surgery).
13.  Shelter staff may make follow-up calls from time to time, to see how the adopted animal and family are doing, and offer help where needed.